Like no two individuals or relationships are the same, therapy is not a cookie cutter experience.  With each new client I facilitate a personalized engagement and course that is right for you and your goals. Each therapeutic relationship is uniquely co-created to suit each individuals natural way of being and to meet you exactly where you are.

It is proven that therapy works best when the therapeutic relationship is strong; therefore making sure we are the right fit is of paramount importance to me. To best facilitate your ability to feel safe and explore your Self, we will address the importance of being the right fit in our phone consultation and initial visit.


I honor the unconscious motives that arise within us all. Therefore, in addition to addressing symptoms and problem areas that bring you into therapy, I will also help you to address the underlying causes and beliefs that may keep you stuck in patterns that are no longer serving you.

Often these patterns and beliefs are born out of early childhood wounding or trauma and therefore are very responsive to a body, mind, and spirit integrated model. As you deepen understanding and gain new perspectives, often old pain and places that were stuck begin to shift. During this shift, clients often find more self-compassion and begin towards a more fulfilling and desired life.

I use evidence-based methods such as mindfulness, Internal Family Systems and other somatic models of psychotherapy to gently and effectively address your concerns and find ease and fulfillment in your present life.

I will work with you to creatively and compassionately:

  • Find relief from depression, anxiety, grief

  • Understand past trauma and shift recurring patterns

  • Connect deeply with others

  • Thrive in your most authentic life


Somatic psychotherapy can be easily described by looking at the root meaning of the words:

Soma = body, Psyche = soul, and Therapy = healing.

Somatic psychotherapy is an integrative model of healing that honors the connection between our body, mind, and spirit.

As a therapist, I believe in collaboration and beginning where it feels right for clients. We will only use somatically oriented work when it feels safe and works best for you. Bringing in somatic work can look like anything from breathing exercises in moments of anxiety to exploratory movement or imaginal exercises. All of these offer an opportunity to bring you more in touch with your body’s innate wisdom.

We are born into experiencing the world and relationships through our body. We grab with our hands, we kick off things we don’t like, we explore and connect with our whole body.

Because many people experience a cut-off between their mind and their body, often dis-ease can arise in our body trying to send us a message. When that connection is fully engaged, a life filled with curiosity, insight, personal agency and meaning is possible.


“We are alive because we move and we move because we are alive. In the deepest sense, movement is the flow of energy that belongs to all livingness.” - Mary Starks Whitehouse

Authentic Movement is a practice that was developed in the 1950’s by Mary Starks Whitehouse, a Jungian analyst and movement therapist pioneer. Authentic Movement involves a mover and a witness; the mover follows impulses and desires with their eyes closed while being seen by the witness in a safe and non-judgemental container. Authentic Movement has many positive effects including: building self-awareness, developing trust in your intuition & impulses, and gaining insight into the beliefs you hold about yourself. It is a gentle and expressive way to explore challenging relationship patterns, depression & anxiety, and early childhood wounds. Through this embodied awareness and attention psychological material has the potential for compassionate healing.

Authentic Movement can be a wonderful addition to personal psychotherapy.